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We are a Progressive Mental Health Clinic.

Edijalo Health Services limited provides one of a kind services with seasoned professionals, well equipped facilities, in a conducive environment.
We aim to make every client feel comfortable and well cared for while ensuring their realistic needs are met promptly and efficiently.
Our health care system is accesible ,affordable and patient centred geared towards improved quality of life for those in treatment .

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Home care Rehabilitation

We offer our clients with services regarding their care in the comfort of their home, in the country. We offer home services like personal carers, personal cooks, personal drivers amongst other services we are eligible to dispense, with a deliberative pay plan. Our workers are always a trained set of diligent individuals, trained to have the best interest of the client at heart and at hand.


Vocational rehabilitation

we offer every young and old that are under our care and supervision in our rehabilitation centres, a chance at a a better life. Do you want to learn a trade, a skill, or whatever vocation? We have you covered. We have partnerships with skill centres and acquisition planners, who are ready to train our clients, with utmost respect, calmness and understanding of the kind of client and special attention and care that they desire.


Supervised Accommodation

We have well equipped facilities with seasoned staff who ensure residents are appropriately cared for and every need is attended to promptly. Residents stay supervised and properly cared for while engaging in normal day to day activities


Community Rehabilitation

We are interested in increasing the quality of life of people in the communities around us, so we develop strategies that aim at enhancing the lives of people within the communities. We also aim to promote and create a support system within the community while implementing rehabilitation activities at the community level.


Crisis intervention

We are trained in providing immediate and short term help to individuals who experience events that may cause emotional, mental or behavioral distress. Events such as suicide attempts, acute psychoactive intoxication, aggression and domestic violence are handled with specific approaches in order to stabilize those in crisis and the people around them.



We offer training to individuals /clients who are interested in taking any of our services as a job part time/full time. We are offer this training at financially friendly amount, and offer certificates to this effect, to make them certified.


Public Health Education

We deliver and give education to the public on mental health, and trying to build a safer community for mental health patients. We also try to raise the stigmatisation on mental health patients off the table, to create a better system to accept these people. Education and public enlightenment brings the beauty in our services out to the public.


Geriatric Service

We offer both home care services and supervised accommodation services for older citizens. We ensure they are properly cared for while engaging them in activities that will stimulate them mentally and keep them physically active thus improving their quality of lives. Their health is top priority so we follow up on all multi-specialties consultation appointments and treatment are delivered in a more culturally accepted methods properly and promptly delivered.


Emergency Care

We offer 24/7 response-on-call services for our clients. This runs round the clock, with doctors and nurses on ground ready to attend to any emergency that can come from clients either in their home care or under our supervised accomodation.


Health Research

We are focused on improving the quality of people's health. We are fully involved in exploring new methods that will cater for every persons needs especially in psychiatry and rehabilitative care. We also aim to increase the efficiency of the healthcare system through the results of our research.

Admission and accomodation plans

Edijalo Renaissance Centre packages.

  • Old Renaissance Centre 
  • New Renaissance Centre 

a) Small room without A/C

b) Small room with A/C 

C) bigger room without A/c (shared)

  • Feeding fees 
  • Supervision 
  • Transportation 
  • Drugs - relative to Physician's prescription.
  • Training 
  • Caution fees 
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Edijalo Senior Citizens Residence Assessment

Payment pattern- monthly or quarterly payment in advance
  • Registration fees
  • Assessment fees
  • Within Abeokuta Metropolitan 
  • Outside Abeokuta 
  • Outside Ogun State (Lagos)
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In patient Admission plans

  • Drug patient. 

Private Ward Admission 

A private room with special attention and supervision, and private care

Open Ward Admission 

A general ward, with supervision and utmost general care.

  • Non Drug Patient 

Private ward admission 

A private room with special attention and supervision, and private care

Open Ward Admission.

A general ward, with supervision and utmost general care.

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Geriatric Home, Monthly Charges and plans

  • Accomodation (more than 2 in a room) 

 Two per room.  

  • One man room 
  1. Feeding 
  2. 24 hours Senior Citizens Residence 
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medical centre

We provide the best medical services for you and your family.

One of the best mental health care delivery in our day and time . We take your care into consideration, with flexible patterns to attend to your needs and care.