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Carer services (Home Care Services)

Here at Edijalo Health care services, the beauty of our services come from ability to serve you in the comfort of your home and space. We run Carer services for different ranges of our patients/clients. From drug rehabilitation patients, to the elderly, to the mentally challenged, or physically challenged individuals, and anyone who needs the services of a Carer, at large.

A Carer works professionally in helping a client in the day to day rehabilitation, and care for a client/patient. Carers are NOT maids, they are trained professionally to handle the patient/client, and everything that puts them in a better shape. E.g. monitoring their drug usage, their physiotherapy, engaging them in conversations that lighten their thoughts and mind, and scrutinizing whatever they ingest.

In and Out patient admission

We run an inpatient admission into our hospital facility for patients/clients, who need 24/7 hospital supervision and rehabilitation support. We readily have their security, feeding, drugs, crises, and rehabilitation process managed on the spot under our well trained nurses and doctors, with our crisis intervention team on ground (in case of any emergency).

Drug rehabilitation

A major part of our services is our drug rehabilitation programme. This is the process of medical and psychotherapeutic treatment for dependency on psychoactive substances such as alcohol, prescription drugs, street drugs. For example: cannabis, cocaine, heroin, or amphitamine. The general aim is to enable the patient to confront substance dependence
Our treatments include medications for depression, or other disorders, counseling by experts, to mention just a few. Our drug rehabilitation programme runs into a home away from home treatment, that allow our our clients to be taken care of even after their hospital admission in a home prepared for them.

Our Process

  • Patient admission 
  • Psychological assessment 
  • Drug assessment 
  • Inpatient rehabilitation 
  • Rehabilitation centre: optional

Our Policy

Your contact with our team on any drug addicted client is a walk to freedom from drug addiction for any of our clients. Starting with the admission process into our facility, where we take full responsibility of the health of our patients, the psychological assessment for the psychological state of our client done by seasoned Clinical Psychologists, well trained and client friendly in the field. The assessment of our patient’s drug addiction level, and how we are to deal with our client based on their own specificity of addiction, is how we work on their rehabilitation program. 

After, a good recovery process in the inpatient admission, any client relative that wants the client to continue their stay with us, under our supervised accommodation In our rehabilitation centers, are highly welcomed and transferred into the rehabilitation homes. For further monitoring and taking care of. All of this at financial rates, that are client friendly.