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who we are

Edijalo Health Services Limited is an indigenous standard and certified primary and secondary health services provider situated in the capital city of Abeokuta, Ogun state.

The Company was found over 10years ago, by a team of professional health experts, Edijalo Health has since grown rapidly to a household name in Abeokuta, in providing first-rate qualitative, prompt and effective primary and secondary health care services and training. 

Staffed by a full complement of dedicated primary and secondary medical healthcare professionals, Edijalo Health has served clients ranging from private individuals to staff and students of private universities, staff of cooperate bodies and even members of the National Youth Service Corps, both within Abeokuta metropolis and to other such commercial cities as Ijebu Ode, Ibadan,Abuja, Lagos, and Kaduna, and still counting. 

At Edijalo Health, we believe, just like the World Health Organization that health is the overall complete state of physical, mental, and social well being and not just the absence of diseases of diseases or infirmities. This informs our passion for providing comprehensive and qualitative healthcare services, towards ensuring an overall good quality of life, including optimal productivity at home and at work place.   

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Our Vision

To be the leading national health resource solution provider and a first-rate private health care provider in the west African sub-region.

Our Mission

Prompt and innovative health resource solution, and comprehensive client-centered, professional health care services, with a compassionate and caring touch.

Our Scope

Edijalo Health is a health resource provider, spanning with actions, into mental health services, home care services, geriatric, care services, rehabilitation centers, community psychiatric services and psychiatric consultation services.

Our practices are fully multi-disciplinary and bio-psychosocial in approach, incorporating all professionals involved in mental health care. Our team includes Doctors such as Psychiatrists and Medical officers with interest in mental health. We have a team of dedicated Consultant Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurses, Clinical Psychologists, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Human Resource Officer, infused with Administrative Officers, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Carers, Cooks, and Cleaner.

Our extra services include:

  • Regular day Home Care services.
  • Specialized Live-In services.
  • Weekdays Home-care services.
  • Hospital admission stay services.
  • Outpatient clinic accompanied services.
  • Follow-Up Adherence and drug compliance services.
  • Medication supervision and monitoring services.
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Our Core Services

Carer services (Home Care Services)

Here at Edijalo Health care services, the beauty of our services come from ability to serve you in the comfort of your home and space. We run Carer services for different ranges of our patients/clients.
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In and Out patient admission

We run an inpatient admission into our hospital facility for patients/clients, who need 24/7 hospital supervision and rehabilitation support. We readily have their security, feeding, drugs, crises, and rehabilitation process managed on the spot under our well trained nurses and doctors, with our crisis intervention team on ground (in case of any emergency)
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Emergency Services

We offer 24/7 response-on-call services for our clients. This runs round the clock, with doctors and nurses on ground ready to attend to any emergency that can come from clients either in their home care or under our supervised accomodation.
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Drug Rehabilitation

A major part of our services is our drug rehabilitation programme. This is the process of medical and psychotherapeutic treatment for dependency on psychoactive substances such as alcohol, prescription drugs, street drugs. For example: cannabis, cocaine, heroin, or amphitamine. The general aim is to enable the patient to confront substance dependence
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What We Offer

Individual Consultations with Qualified Doctors.

One of the best mental health care delivery in our day and time
We take your care into consideration, with flexible patterns to attend to your needs and care.

Patients Daily
Foundation Year

This system is amongst the first of its kind in the Western Nigeria. You can find a home away from home, befitting every mental health issues, at Edijalo Health Services.

Dr Kofoworola Olajide

The Psychological state of our patients are our priority, Edijalo Health Services delivers competent services to reach a milestone for ages to come.

Dr Lanre Sodeinde

We run this health service, with the mind of the people in our hearts, our clients and patients are on our minds, and we work towards spreading mental wellness, to all and sundry.

Dr Olajide Abayomi