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We safeguard your mental health and oversee your well being

Welcome to Edijalo Health Services Limited

July 2024
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what we do

We take your Mental health care into professional and skillful consideration, with flexible patterns to attend to your mental health needs and care.

Home Care Service

In and Out patient admission

Drug rehabilitation

Our Homes

premium care

Mental health care services, Home care services, and Psychological services for our clients

Home Care Services

Here at Edijalo Health care services, the beauty of our services come from ability to serve you in the comfort of your home and space. We run Carer services for different ranges of our patients/clients.
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In and Out Patient Therapy Session and Admission

We run an inpatient admission into our hospital facility for patients/clients, who need 24/7 hospital supervision and rehabilitation support.
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Drug Rehabilitation Program

A major part of our services is our drug rehabilitation programme. This is the process of medical and psychotherapeutic treatment for dependency on psychoactive substances such as alcohol, prescription drugs, street drugs. For example: cannabis, cocaine, heroin, or amphitamine. The general aim is to enable the patient to confront substance dependence
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medical centre

Renaissance center; Our halfway home program, a home away from home

Our half way home services give our patients a home feeling, away from home, to rehabilitate them further, while in comfort. Full time supervision, security, and every home basic needs  from food and shelter. 

We run this health service, with the mind of the people in our hearts, our clients and patients are on our minds, and we work towards spreading mental wellness, to all and sundry.

Dr Olajide Abayomi

Dr Olajide Abayomi


The Psychological state of our patients are our priority, Edijalo Health Services delivers competent services to reach a milestone for ages to come.

Dr Lanre Sodeinde

Dr Lanre Sodeinde

This system is amongst the first of its kind in the Western Nigeria. You can find a home away from home, befitting every mental health issues, at Edijalo Health Services.

Dr Kofoworola Olajide

Consultations with qualified doctors.

Yes, we run a psychological session and one-on-one talk and consultation with our specialized psychologists and psychotherapist, and well distinguished psychiatrists. Give us a call or book an appointment via mail.

An emergency is when there is a client causing havoc at home, or acting irrational in a way that doesn’t befit the proper human functioning,  and our crisis intervention team is called to reach the location and put the situation under control with their experience and skill set.

It can also be a patient in our care getting episodes/seizures/agitated and causes a stir in our care and we swing into action to sedate and keep such patient calm.

Operating Hours

We organise nurses and carers that attend and care for you in the comfort of your house, whether for live in, or daily time agreed, for specified amount of hours accounted for.

One of the best mental health care delivery in our day and time . We take your care into consideration, with flexible patterns to attend to your needs and care.

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Akin Olugbade Hospital Complex, Owu, Abeokuta, Ogun state.

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