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Our Staff

Our staff are qualified experienced professionals who are skilled in the filled of mental health care, geriatric care, substance abuse related disorders and rehabilitations.

We provide 24 hours skilled nursing care and rehabilitation care.

Patients will also have access to physicians for care plan management, social workers and other relevant support services.

01. Skilled nurses

The Nurses will supervise the Carers with routine care; Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), provide medical monitoring, wound dressing, dispense of medications and so on

02. Psychologist

They provide the needed psychotherapeutic support/education and cognitive behavioral therapies and so on. They conduct personality assessment and necessary follow up on clients in need of psychological support

03. Physiotherapists

Physiotherapy is an important part of recovery plan for different health problems. Specific exercises and techniques can assist patients reduce pain, improve posture and balance, regain mobility and prevent falls. They also recommend and prescribe appropriate tools to enhance clients well being especially amongst the elderly.

04. Careers

They are trained health assistants who are the sole carers of the elderly under the supervision of the Nurses either at the clients home or at our geriatric centre

05. Social workers

The social worker is solely responsible for assisting clients with rehabilitation plans, attending hospital appointments with client, planning social events and activities for clients